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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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response teams are here protecting and serving under captain coleman. >> a lot of times we have to get to know who we don't know because a lot of times it's folks we don't know that are involved in some of these shootings. >> the cap tape tells me district 5 is made up of many small bange gangs. fights can start over turf war, drugs, or simple case respect. leaving the majority of law- abiding citizens feeling trapped d ar. >> i am too old to be running and dodging bullets. be safe out here, man. >> appreciate it. you, too. >> for officer vierra, it is not when but if the shootings will be solved and how to stop the next one from happening. >> reporter: the suspects from last night's shooting are still on the loose. ifyou know anything, call police . i am brian webb kpix
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5. >> police believe many of last night's victims were unintended targets. a bay area family has waited two decades for justice. tonight, they have a taste. in 1990, a man found dead tonight side of the road. turn out, two people arrested knew the victim quite well. >> the 40-year-old was stabbed to death and his body left on redwood road. investigators say they immediately looks at his ex- wife who was still living in the couple's house. they also questioned her new boyfriend, william billy p who had also moved into the home. >> they also learned that only hours following steven's body being found, sheryl and billy drove to reno where they were married. >> but there wasn't enough evidence to charge the two, until now. >> there is despair.
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there is anger. and then, you know, your life does move on because you don't have a choice. >> detectives gave few details but say dna played a key role in breaking the cold case. the family expressed relief. >> it's kind of like make believe though you know it is like you're not sure. not disbelief. it is a little bit of closure. not all the way. i want to see my daughter smile a real smile again. >> sheryl was arrested. both are now being held in alameda county without bail. in just two days, three people were hit and killed by drivers in san jose. one of them, a 3-year-old boy.
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the accidents happened within 10 miles of each other. as our kate cogeron reports. >> reporter: a memorial is greg and so are the statistic -- growing and so are the statistics. >> we're asking drivers to use caution. >> three deadly accidents involving people crossing the seat in just two days. last night, a womans -- street in just two days. last night a woman was hit by a vehicle. the driver who hit her stayed and cooperated. >> appeared to be transient and was crossing the road in between an intersection. the driver did say she was wearing the dark clothing which made it difficult for her to see her crossing the street. >> sunday night, a is a-year- old girl was killed after she was hit by a vehicle. san jose police say in both cases the two victims were crossing street where they weren't supposed to. but that wasn't the case for
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little elisha. >> it was just wrong. >> the 3-year-old was in a stroller and in a crosswalk when he and two rs were hit near washington elementary school. the little boy died. the two others are recovering. >> sad. feel like the little kid is in the ground. it's hard. >> we don't know what's causing the rise in these auto pedestrian fatalities, but we are concerned and we will be looking into that. >> these three recent accidents bring the total to 24 auto pedestrian fatalities in san jose for the year. in san jose kate cogeron kpix 5. >> in the case of the 3-year- old bike police say the driver and pedestrian both had green lights, but the driver was supposed to yield for those crossing the street. live look foul in freemont where a vigil for a beloved coach will be held in less than an hour. people are gathering around the small memorial, you can see.
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76-year-old john webb died early saturday morning on interstate 680. chp says webb was trying to direct traffic after a crash when he was by another car. webb coached at the high school for more than 40 years and was considered an institution. the vigil starts at 6:00. major storm moving across the united states creating a nightmare for millions trying to travel for thanksgiving. the whole stern half of the country covered by there storm, and it is bringing rain, snow, and ice from the ground. well, it looks like this. at least 12 people have been killed on the roads. there have been dozens of wrecks. snow piling up in cincinnati. in pittsburgh, it is a virtual white out. our country's busiest airports have long delays. take a live look at san jose
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international. chief meteorologist paul deanno with a look at this rather nasty storm. >> reporter: it is the one that gave us rain seven days ago. it is now bringing ice, wind, rain and a lot of nasty travel problems. the west coast, not a drop of rain, even in seattle. it is all about the east. if you are traveling east, there are going to be mayor travel delays. also dc, both airports there. philadelphia international. all of this mess will lift to north and east other the next couple days. forget about the snow which is going to be a problem. look at this rain. every where you see covered in red will likely receive 3 or more inches between now and thanksgiving afternoon. that includes boston, new york city, allen town, philadelphia, baltimore all the way down to the outer bankover north carolina. big problem for us last week. big travel problem for the folks back east. the rule of them is if you are heading east by plane, chances are you will be delayed.
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get there early. i will talk about our rain ances around here if the holiday. we have a taste of winter coming. find out when the snow level will drop to 3,0 00 feet, coming up. >> thanks. there is a break for holiday travelers this year. in the bay area, prices are about, 15 to 20 cents a gallon less than they were last thanksgiving. you're filling up in san francisco, expect to pay about $3.66 a gallon. it is considerably cheaper in san jose. oakland, a couple pennies higher. $3.56 is also the state average. similar story around the country. there are gas prices over the past five years. now at the lowest they have been in almost two years. races have drop about a quarter over the past month putting the nationwide average at $3.28 a gallon. you can go to to find the cheapest gas where you live. a woman heart broken over to shocking case of animal
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crueltism her two cats snatched from her and now thrown in the san francisco bay. the suspect and the reason behind the talk. the waitress claimed she was stiffed because she's gay. the new receipt is telling a very different story. it is the first thing most thanksgiving chefs do, but we're revealing the hidden dangers behind washing your turkey. ,,,,,,,,
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san francisco police are log for the man who threw 2 pets into the bay. a woman was carrying her belongings --- including the cats --- along pier 14 yesty afternoon. police say a man approached -- grabbed her s --- and tossed it all into e bay. "this is horrible act of cruelty. these very innocent animals, this very innocent person takes these live beis and tosses them into the bay with no chance of survival.s is somebody we really want e afraid of." both cats died. witnesses tried to keep the woman from jumping in the bay to try a rescue them. a hobbit act of cruelty, this very innocent we person. this is somebody we really want
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to be afraid of. >> police are asking anyone who saw anything to come forward. other bay area headlines. police cars were outside a heyward apartment complex after someone fired off a coup ill rounds with an ak 47. police say two men and a woman were arguing about money inside one of those apartments earlier this morning. one of the men apparently left and returned with that weapon. police say he fired two shots into the bedroom where the other two people were hiding. fortunately, nobody was hurt, but the gunman hasn't been found. the woman who dumped from the third deck of the oakland coliseum on sunday remains in critical condition tonight. we do know she is 20 years old and from san jose, but her name isn't being released. investigators say she went to the game with several other people, but 80s still not clear why she jumped. a 12-year-old girl bullied because of her hair. >> i know people will tease me about it because it's not
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straight or anything. i don't fit in. >> but the school giving her an ultimatum. how staying true to her roots could get her expelled. rose leaf for -- relief for frustrated renters. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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board a v-t-a train. it
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happened at the reamwood stn after three police have arrested a man for stabbing a passenger on board a vta train at the ringwood station in sunnyvale just after 3:00 this afternoon. santa clara county deputies tell us the victim was stabbed a couple times and taken to the hospital. they say he is expected to survive. an apartment building boom is spreading from the biggest bay area cities to the burbs. san francisco was racy to complete 22,000 housing units. oakland adding 2100. in santa clara, 8,000 new apartments are under construction. as our ryan takeo reports, now cities like walnut creek can't build them fast enough. >> no matter where you turn in walnut creek, you see orange. right now there are three apartment construction sites. that adds up to about 500 new apartments coming soon. >> and that's just the start of it. there could be as many as 3,000
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more apartments coming to walnut creek. >> city leaders are considering five of those future projects now. what's happening in walnut creek is happening across the country. the latest numbers show apartment building is at its quickest pace in five years. there is plenty of demand for frustrated renters. >> i would say it's pretty brutal out there. >> i do rentals and i sell homes, but lately there's ban lot more people that want rentals. there are only three rentals in walnut creek. i just lookedded to. >> there are as many available as complexings under construction. wilson would love to rent something new, but she's worried about the price tag. >> i am assuming since they are brand new, they're going to be asking probably more than the places way onto side of town. >> and shyness how competitive it is. -- and she knows how
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competitive sir,e it is. rye the january takeo kpix 5. they're called in-law units. the president of the san francisco board of supervisors wants to make theme legal. >> it's going to help bring tens of thousands of housing units into legal, affordable housing stock to help address affordability cry six preserve housing that is at risk -- crisis, preserve housing that is at risk of elimination. >> it is estimated there is at least 40,000 of these units in san francisco. many have skirted the requirements raising safety issues. a new plan would be to allow owners to bring them up to code and then rent them out. the supreme court will consider whether employers should be required to cover birth control cost under obamacare. three federal appeals courts have struck down contraception coverage while two others have upheld it. the president made a stop at dream works studios in los
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angeles before leaving california today. he was in the bay area yesterday. he met with actor jim parsons from the big bang theory and comedian steve martin. he thanked the entertainment industry for shaping world of culture. he says will and grace and modern family has transmitted values such as tolerance and diversity. you probably never think a 12-year-old girl could get expelled from school for having big hair. but this florida student says school officials have given her an ultimatum. tame her main or get kicked out. vanessa van dyke goes to the school. the doctors code says hair must be a natural -- dress code says hair must be a natural color and not distracting. >> i am depressioned about leaving my friends and people i have known for a while. i would -- depressed about leaving my friends i have known for a while.
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>> vanessa's mother says her hair had been big all yearlong, but it only became an issue after the family complained she was getting teased. a new jersey waitress who claims she was stiffed on a tip because she was gay, may have forged that receipt. morales posted a receipt on facebook showing a $93 bill, no tip and the message saying, quote, sorry i cannot tip because i do not agree with your life style. now the couple has come forward with their copy of their receipt which includes an $18 tip and has nothing written on it. now, many people have given money to morales as a show of support. so far, she is sticking to her story. things people do before cooking the turkey, but on the consumer report, julie watts is about to show us contamination can come on your bird. >> reporter: watch what happens when we turn out the light.
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we covered this turkey in a substance called glow germ. check out the counter next to the sink and over here feet away, take a look at the fridge. all of this potentially dangerous bacteria spread across the kitchen simply because you tried to wash it away. >> before cooking your turkey, what is the very first step. >> rinse it off in the sink. >> rinse it. >> start washing it, of course. >> according to research, that is a bad idea. >> once you start to introduce water, you start to give that bacteria the chance to mobilize. they can't fly. they can't jump. but once you give them water, they can start to move around in the kitchen environment. >> she says if germs were visible to the naked eye, you would see that washing poultry doesn't kill bacteria. rather spreads it as far as that feet. contaminating countertops, nearby dishes, other foods you may not cook. >> in literature, they call it
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aerosolization. >> it can be dangerous for children, pregnant women or older adults. according to the center for disease control, thousands of people are hospitalized each year day to food bourn illness. even the experts at butter ball has a new tune. >> what do you any now. >> butter ball feels it is not necessary. pat the turkey dry with paper towels, you're all ready to start cooking it. >> bit seems in spite of the warnings, old habits die hard. >> i'm going to still do it because i don't like all that old blood on my turkey. >> this thanksgiving, i will. maybe next one,ly not. >> now, if you are going to wash your turkey, it to in adipsinning, use a very light stream. and make sure you clear away any nearby dishes and certainly any food. bottom line, you don't need to wash the turkey. simply contacting it will kill the bacteria. but try telling that to my mom.
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she insist on washing it. >> i am thinking it is lacking better and better. >> makes you think. >> old habits die hard. but when you look at that plaque light, gosh. >> yeah. didn't want to know that. >> we got the bleach out. we're cleaning it up. >> reporter: for thanksgiving, a forecast that is not going to have the splatter of raindrops. there is a segway for you. clouds early. there were cloudy this afternoon. will be cloudy tomorrow and thursday, but i do think we will be rain-free. beautiful shot post sunset from the pyramid looking toward the golden gait. oakland, san francisco, two of the warm spots. we have cooled down in the 50s. livermore 57. san jose currently 59 degrees. but those clouds will act like a blanket overnight trapping some of the heat.
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won't be that cold. san rafael will drop down to 46. oakland 50. freemont 44 degrees tonight. here is the set up on the west coast. we really just have a huge ridge of high pressure which, it's kind of funny, because we don't get the rainfall. now it moves so far away from us we also won't get the rainfall. i will show you in a second. first, sitting right over arizona, utah. as it stays well off to our east, that will give the next storm, which is giving us the cloud cover right now, the chance to not head directly toward us because the rim is so far away it will the day down to our south. we will stay rain free. if you are down toward gilroy or santa cruz, you may have a shower or two. the north patience -- north bay, you will miss this. we will be cloudy, though. cloudied to. cloudy deadly weapon tomorrow. cloudy on thanksgiving. but your travel should be fine. more clouds than sunshine. we will be rain free through
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the weekend. next week, now we get a taste of winter. it is going to get wet and cold. the snow level will dr. we will have more on that in a second -- will drop. we will have more on that in a minute. pleasanton 66. richmond high of 65. sonoma 63. 63 in san francisco and cloverdale with mainly cloudy skies tomorrow. a high of 64. we will stay cloudy through thanksgiving. h sup shine is back for all you mall shoppers. next week, barely 60 on monday. highs on tuesday. >> whoa. >> reporter: mid-50s. rain likely and the snow level. haven't heard that in a while the snow level will be down to 3 to 4,000 feet. we could see snow on mount hamilton by next tuesday. >> beautiful. >> that's going to feel like winter. >> reporter: a little bit like winter. >> thanks. they may may be on the
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shelf, but that doesn't mean they are safe. the toxic toys you should cross off your shopping list. ,,
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list - twice. take a look at some of these holiday season fast approaches. parents, you may want to check your child's wish list twice. take a look at some of these toys that are now on the naughty list. this captain america soft shield, for example, has 29 times the accepted level of lead. a child safety watchdog group released its an the july trouble in toyland report naming items made with toxic parts or those that pose choking or noise hazards. >> yes. toys are getting safer, but just bait's on the shelves doesn't mean it is safe. we-- but just because it is on the shelves doesn't mean it is safe. we have seen a huge improvement, but there are still toys that pose risk to children. parents and care givers should be aware of those risks. >> you can find more information on our website i hate to tell you this, but the macy's thanksgiving day
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parade may be without those big ambulance on thursday morning. forecasters say the big storm that we showed you earlier is threatening to bring wind, snow, and icy conditions to new york and the other cities on the east coast, of course. so you won't see it lake this. and those conditions certainly too dangerous for the ambulance on the parade route. crews will make the call, though, based on what's actually happening very early on thursday morning. keep your fingers crossed. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> we have scott pelly in new york. scott. >> hi liz and allen, that major storm is making holiday travel difficult and dangerous. we will have the very latest on the problems in the air and on the road and we'll tell you where it's all headed next. plus, another challenge to obamacare. can a private employer refuse to cover contraceptives. the supreme court will decide on obamacare. we will have those storiest tonight on the cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix 5
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news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the biggest roadblock t for high speed r i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, it's the best roadblock yet for high speed -- biggest roadblock for high speed yet. the move that puts the whole project in jeopardy. we asks why. no one has any grasp on how much this is going to cost. plus, the spectacle never seen before in the bay area until now. we will have those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6:00. guys. >> we will see you then, ken. thank you.
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cbs evening news with scott pelly coming up. >> latest on news and p weather always on -- and weather always on our website avel difficult and dangerous. manuel bojorquez and jeff pegues on the problems in the a on the road. meteorologist eric fisher has the forecast. anna werner on a challenge to obamacare. can a private employer refuse to cover contraceptives? the supremcourt will decide. the syrian dictator is accused of using a new weapon against civilians-- starvation. clarissa ward reports many of the victims are children. and seth doane goes undercover to expose chinese counterfeiters specializing in art. >> no artist wants to find that someone has taken their stuff and is passing it off as their own. captioning sponsored by cbs


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